Football has been poisoned for years by the deliberate pull on the shirt. Not anymore. ColorFlash is the answer.

ColorFlash is a revolutionary textile technology built into a football shirt which has been designed to eradicate the insidious shirt pull and kick the offenders out of football.

But it's not just football. It's basketball, handball, American football – in fact it's any sport where the laying on of hands is not permitted.

So what do we see with ColorFlash that is so different from the way we see football today?

The ColorFlash shirt is pulled, the fabric flashes in a contrast colour and the offender is caught red-handed – or blue-handed or white-handed or whatever colour you wish to imagine!

The offending player undertakes the PULL which the referee can clearly PERCEIVE and then swiftly PENALISE.


The ColorFlash solution is utterly unique. We are only a few short months away from marketability. There is no comparable or complimentary technology available now or on the horizon. We are not just the best solution, we are the only solution. To be more precise on this point, we are the only solution because nobody else has even worked out how to address the problem!

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