Don't Forget the Replica Shirt Market!

ColorFlash for the masses
It's one thing to consider the revolutionary effect that ColorFlash will have on football of all strata from the elite level, right down to local amateur leagues and also schools football. But we should not forget that by far the bulk of football shirts are purchased by fans of the game and not by the game itself.

There have been various surveys conducted over the years as to how many replica shirts are sold globally and the latest numbers are truly eye-watering. 

Man Utd are the single largest replica seller with 3.25 million in season 2018/19 followed by Real Madrid with 3.12 million and Bayern Munich with 2.58 million. Taking all the top 10 together we reach a figure just slightly below 20 million units with an established growth rate over the past decade of ±7.25% per annum.

If we assume another 40 million replica shirts for all the other clubs in the world that is an astounding 60 million units. Annually!

And don't forget, ColorFlash provides a previously unknown level of security for consumers in the replica shirt market. Does the shirt change colour when you tug it? No? Then it’s a fake! Absolutely 100% guaranteed. No question.

ColorFlash for the masses. Completely logical.

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