One More Top Name

ColorFlash enlists a further strong voice

It will probably come as no surprise that, with the arrival of Richard Keys, we can announce another new member of the ColorFlash Advisory Board. We are very pleased to welcome Andy Gray into the fold.

Andy enjoyed an illustrious playing career in Scotland and England, starting his career with Dundee United and then moving south of the border to play for Wolves, Aston Villa and Everton with a season at West Brom as well. Heading back north he joined Rangers for the final year of his top-class career. He won every top club competition in England plus a Scottish Premier Division title and the European Cup Winners Cup. In 1977 Andy became the first player to win both the PFA Player of the Year and PFA Young Player of the Year Awards. This feat has only been matched twice since, by Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale which demonstrates the huge impact that he made in English football. Further to his club career he made 20 appearances for the Scottish national team and scored 7 goals. 

Together with Richard, Andy has become a global staple of English football coverage and he bosses the analyst role on BeIN Sports coverage. He is equally critical in his appraisal of VAR’s implementation and in calling out inconsistencies. 

Andy is a vocal addition to the Advisory Board of ColorFlash and his appointment once again demonstrates our resolve to co-opt the strongest voices in football.  

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