The Team

Philip Lawrence

Philip is the Originator of the technology and the Founder of the project. He has led the development of ColorFlash and the related technologies up to this point.

Dr. Lynsey Calder

Lynsey is one of the top colour-change researchers in Europe and she was responsible for conducting initial feasibility on ColorFlash at Heriot-Watt University. She is our R&D Director.

Bernie Rohan

Bernie is an internationally experienced accountant who owns an audit practice in Melbourne, Australia. He has been intimately aware of all ColorFlash developments since we started the project. Bernie will be joining us early in 2021 as CFO.



Alex McLeish

Alex has a remarkable reach in the game among all aspects of specialisation as a result of being one of the foremost Scottish players and managers of his generation. He was the first name on theColorFlash wish list when we resolved to establish this Advisory Board. 


Craig Thomson

Craig's network across football is extensive and he has been responsible for plugging us into the top echelons of refereeing expertise in the UK and beyond which is proving to be phenomenally useful in getting the ColorFlash message to the attention of the critical thinkers in the laws of football. 

Keith Hackett

Keith describes ColorFlash as an "exciting product" and is impressed that our clear and unambiguous aim is to assist referees. His knowledge of actually affecting genuine change in football for the good of the sport and for the benefit of referees is a potential game-changer for this project.

Alan Snoddy

Alan joins ColorFlash from the background of a highly successful international refereeing career, followed by many years of independent consultancy in which he has worked with various national FAs and federations to improve the performance of their match officials.


Richard Keys

Richard Keys is regarded as one of the leading critical thinker in television football coverage anywhere in the world. He has worked at the top of TV sport for over 40 years and very few command the respect that he does. When it comes to analysing the challenges in modern refereeing practice we don't need to go too far beyond Richard to get to the nitty gritty of the pertinent issues and that  suits ColorFlash just perfectly.

Andy Gray

If Richard is involved then it is unthinkable that we would not have the input of Andy Gray. He has been a top-class analyst for almost three decades after a glorious playing career. Andy is hand in glove with Richard when it comes to getting to the heart of the issue, particularly in matters related to the Laws of the Game. Another ideal partner for ColorFlash.

Charlie Nicholas

Following his professional playing career Charlie became one of the most sought-after football pundits on British TV and a leading columnist in the print media. His face became one of the most well-known and well-loved on Sky Sports for many a year. He has now left the TV side of things behind to concentrate on business affairs but he still has a column in the Daily Express newspaper.